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Building Girls Confidence

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We have a very exciting new workshop this year called ‘Making Rainbows’ to promote girl’s confidence. A name chosen to reflect the desire to influence girls to live fabulous, colourful lives!
The goal is to teach young girls to build confidence so that they have the tools to enable them to achieve anything they wish.


We developed this workshop with the  evidence by the Department for Education that girls start to fall behind in certain subjects at Key Stage 2 Skills through lack of self-confidence and becoming ‘invisible.’


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Our Mission

  • To inspire girls
  • To increase levels of confidence in girls
  • To influence girls by looking at inspirational women

The Outcomes 

  • To improve academic achievement in girls in year 6.
  • To build confidence in girls.
  • To help girls to have a better connection with one’s own self, identifying values and principles, managing ourselves with self help strategies, learning styles and how to apply wisdom.

All our workshops are designed to be thought provoking, inspiring and fun and endeavour to achieve the fundamental outcomes and make a real difference to people’s lives.


The delivery of this project is over 3 half day workshops to girls in Year 5 and 6.

Workshop One introduces the project and is based around fun activities to embrace the key parts of the mission.

Workshop Two is a continuation of the theme and includes a local inspirational woman key speaker, a role model who is socially and culturally relevant.

Workshop Three focuses on is the organisation an art based exhibition of inspirational women from the North East.

To discuss how this Workshop can benefit your school please call Jenny on 07762 932164.

‘Making Rainbows’ a workshop for girls confidence

Gender stereotyping – critical thinking
Identify inspiring women
Introduce art project – Women who changed the World!
Power of yet
Growth mind set
Comfort zone

Self perception
Values and principles
Identifying own strengths, learning style (the ore we know ourselves, powerful)
Speaker – Amanda Coulson
Organisation of the Art project

Building positive relationships
Overcoming challenges
Asking for help – reaching out
Self management – stress and anxiety




Sunday Times 8 May 2016

Sunday Times 8 May

Coaching for Leaders

Who is it for?

If you are a head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher or a Chair of Governors (or if you aspire to be one) then our leadership coaching can help you achieve your goals and feel confident and self-assured in your role.

How will I benefit?

In dedicating time and energy to the coaching process you will benefit from:

  • Improved leadership skills, confidence and self-belief
  • Achievement of “stretch goals” and business results
  • Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results
  • Greater voice and visibility
  • Enhanced authority and credibility
  • Being a leader as well as a manager
  • Personal branding and profile raising
  • Greater recognition and reward for accomplishments
  • Career advancement including higher level projects
  • Improved satisfaction with work life balance.


Our style is client centred and non-directive, with a strong emphasis on results. With that in mind, each session focusses on the achievement of identified goals, action planning and accountability. We use and teach a variety of coaching tools and techniques to assist you in meeting your objectives.

How do I book?

Our coaching programmes always start with a “chemistry check” meeting. That is a 30 minute non chargeable meeting which ensures that both parties are confident that they can develop a positive and fruitful coaching relationship and set objectives for the coaching programme.

To book a chemistry check meeting call Elizabeth on 07549 850 248

A programme of 6 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions is recommended to run over a period of 4 months at approximately 3 week intervals. At a cost of £70 per hour the total programme cost is £630.

Emotional Wellbeing for School Staff

Who is it for?

Everyone can benefit from improvements in their emotional wellbeing therefore this 2 hour workshop is aimed at all school staff.

How will staff benefit?

Staff will be given time during this workshop to reflect on their own emotional wellbeing and identify areas for improvement. Drawing on the disciplines of mindfulness, neurolinguistics and life coaching the workshop teaches powerful exercises and techniques to bolster wellbeing and leave staff feeling nurtured and refreshed.

Participants report a greater ability to manage stress, improved confidence and motivation and greater feelings of wellbeing following our workshops.

How do I book?

We run our workshops directly in schools as part of the school’s inset programme for a staff group of up to thirty participants. To book simply call us on 07762 932164.

We also run open programmes through the Durham Teaching Schools Alliance. Details can be found at www.durhamteachingschools.org.uk

Emotional Wellbeing Workshop for Key Stage 4 – Bouncebackability Bootcamp

Bouncebackability Bootcamp

This Workshop supports students with the pressures of workload and exams and focuses on staying happy whilst dealing with academic studies. Students will learn to adopt approaches to make sure they feel prepared and are given tools and techniques that can help reduce levels of stress. Students will feel calmer and more in control.

We draw on elements of mindfulness, neuro linguistic programming and life coaching to help young people:

  • develop their own inner resources and coping strategies for life
  • build confidence and self esteem
  • get on top of nerves and anxiousness so that they can perform at their best

How do I book?

To book this Workshop simply call Jenny on 07762 932164.

This half day Workshop costs £250.00 for a class of up to 35.

Emotional Wellbeing Workshop for Key Stage 3 – Friends, Phones and Feelings

Friends, Phones and Feelings

A workshop for Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils crammed with useful tools and techniques to bolster emotional wellbeing and academic resilience. In the age of social media young pepolpe find themselves under enormous pressure in relation to their self image and friendships.  This Workshop addresses issues such as confidence and self esteem, managing relationships, coping with big feelings and the dawn of adulthood.

This half day workshop leaves pupils feeling positive and self assured as well as being armed with the right tools to develop their own self awareness and coping mechanisms as well as reducing exam related stress.

How do I book?

To book this Workshop simply call Jenny on 07762 932164.

This half day Workshop costs £250.00 for a class of up to 35.