Redcar and Cleveland Emotional Health and Wellbeing Framework

We are delighted to be part of this Framework as Rainbows End support schools and the community to improve Emotional Wellbeing of young people. The way they do this is twofold. Individual focussed support and workshops.

Rainbows End offer individual support by way of one to one coaching sessions to children and young people who have been identified as needing support in Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience. This support can focus on particular aspects relating to any risk factors identified. The sessions are supportive and solution focussed and designed to help young people face challenges and be proactive in alleviating future mental health issues.

Rainbows End deliver our “It’s All About YOU!” workshops to groups of young people in various settings including schools and in the wider community. This workshop challenges critical issues faced by young people and is designed specifically to challenge and change the mindsets of young people who are likely to be affected by poor Emotional Wellbeing. By participating in our highly engaging, challenging and self-reflective workshops young people will achieve a fundamental shift in thinking.

The Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop – “It’s All About You!” is tailored to building confidence and self-esteem, improving resilience, challenging negative beliefs, imbuing a sense of personal responsibility as well as developing positive attitudes towards life, work and raising aspirations.

Jenny Evans has a BA in Business Administration along with a level 4 in Guidance and a qualification in Motivational Interviewing Techniques. She worked for 10 years as a Connexions Personal Advisor, 5 years with the Richmond Fellowship as an advisor for people with mental health issues and was also a Youth Worker in Northampton for 5 years. For the past 10 years she has jointly ran Rainbows End with friend and business partner Elizabeth.

Jenny worked from the Durham Connexions centre for 10 years and for much of that time supported post 16s from the Durham City areas. As a Personal Adviser she helped young people with a range of presenting issues including unemployment, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, homelessness and benefit problems.

Elizabeth Scott has an honours degree in Psychology from Leicester University and an MBA from Durham University Business School (DUBS). Elizabeth and Jenny have both trained with the Coaching Academy, one of the UKs foremost coaching schools. Elizabeth worked for Newcastle City Council for 13 years in the field of Skills and Employability, firstly as a community based advisor and then as a project manager. She is also an award winning Mentor at DUBS working with students and coaching staff.

Elizabeth and Jenny are founders and Directors of Rainbows End Coaching, a company that specialises in Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience. Together they have accumulated over 40 years’ experience in working with this client group (0 to 25). They work in Schools, Colleges, Organisations and with individuals to change mindsets, develop resilience, bolster confidence, raise self-esteem and facilitate change in peoples’ lives.

We have 10 years’ experience working with children in primary school, young people in secondary school, college students and the unemployed. The lessons learned by people in our workshops are adjusted to be age and audience appropriate whilst the key messages are the same.

The continued success of Rainbows End lies in the passion and commitment that we have to help and support people to learn to manage their lives better and incorporate happiness, resilience and aspirations to help them live positive lives.

Our culture and ethos is to do our bit to improve mental health for all and although we do work with adults, much of our work is with children and young people to set good habits and positive behaviours and life skills so that people have a tool kit of coping mechanisms to aid them with life’s challenges.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has published new research highlighting the shortage of clear aspirations and ambitions from young people in the UK. The research found an alarming proportion of young people who failed to score highly for levels of confidence, motivation, determination and resilience; with low scores on these attitudes strongly linked to low aspirations.
Studies have shown that low aspirations are particularly linked to disadvantaged groups and often the result of low levels of confidence and resilience. This can be caused by a wide range of factors and circumstances outside the control of a young person.
This can lead to poor educational attainment, employability potential and opportunities for social mobility.
It’s essential that support is available to develop the attitudes and soft skills young people need to progress in life and realise their full potential. Schools who are ensuring mental health is a priority for their young people or working towards their Wellbeing in Schools Award can demonstrate their commitment to this by implementing support from Rainbows End.