Mental Wellness at Work for School Staff


CPD Workshop for Teachers

Teaching is a rewarding but stressful occupation. It is commonly agreed that people who display high levels of emotional resilience are better equipped to deal with stress and appear to thrive compared with those with lower levels of emotional resilience. The good news is that resilience is not an innate characteristic, it can be learned.

Our workshop gets the year off to a wonderfully positive start.  Staff feel cared for and valued and the challenges of this profession are not over looked but considered and supported.

The programme is designed to leave participants with:

  • Improved emotional literacy
  • An evidence based toolbox of techniques for coping with stress
  • A greater ability to self-regulate with a particular emphasis on stress and mild anxiety
  • A more positive ”growth” mindset and the ability to challenge internal negative thoughts
  • Improvements in motivation, confidence and self esteem
  • Knowledge of where to go for help if it is needed
  • A greater sense of team spirit and unity with colleagues
  • An understanding of ‘locus of control’ and how it affects the ability to deal with stressful situations

The lessons learned in these interesting, engaging and enjoyable workshops, not only increase staff’s capability to stay happy and strong, and deal with stress, but has an impact on the ethos of the school and influences the children too.

Options for these workshops are as follows:

Twilight Session – This 1 ½ hour taster session raises the awareness of the key points outlined above.  Participants will take away with them some ideas about looking after their Mental Wellbeing.  The price of this session is £250 for a group up to 30 participants.

Half day CPD Session –  During this 3 hour session participants will adopt the learning points to formulate a personal growth plan and consider how different tools and techniques can improve their particular needs.  The cost of this is £35 per participant for a minimum of 20 and up to 30 participants.

Full day CPD Session – Here participants will enjoy an immersive personal development experience.  They will take time for themselves to learn, practice and enjoy the techniques of improving mental wellness – The cost of the full day experience is £55 per participant for a minimum of 20 and up to 30 teachers.

These workshops are based on the principles of positive psychology – the scientific study of human flourishing.  It would be our pleasure to support your school to flourish and welcome the opportunity to work with you.

For more details and to book a workshop please phone Liz on 07549 850 240.


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