Life Rainbow

Deciding to make big changes to every part of your life is very daunting, unrealistic and often unnecessary. Our lives are made up of many parts and using the Life Rainbow can help you to identify where improvements could be made. Looking at the different areas of life in this way helps you to focus on the changes you want to make.

Relationships | Aspirations | Income | Needs | Body | Organisation | Work

Relationships – Our happiness is often dependent on the relationships we have with other human beings – our family, friends, colleagues, customers. Life coaching helps you to take some time out to think about the importance of these relationships and to plan to make the most of them.

Aspirations – Is your life panning out as you hoped it would? Do you know exactly what you want out of life? Have you given yourself time to even consider it? We will encourage you to tackle these questions and support you in planning for your future achievements.

Income – Money makes the world go round! Indeed we all need money to survive and it can lead to enormous stress when there isn’t enough of it. Life coaching in this area helps you to realise your current position and formulate a plan to strive towards where you want to be.

Needs – It’s often easier to reflect on your needs when they are not being met! We all have needs, be it practical, emotional or spiritual and life coaching ensures that you have evaluated what these needs are. Only then can you work on a strategy to be fulfilled.

Body – Good physical and mental health is so important to our overall happiness and well being.
Setting a goal is a starting point, taking the first step helps, but having a strategy to focus on to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goal is essential.

Organisation – Whether you are happy to live in a state of chaos or prefer everything in its place, thinking about your levels and ability to organise can help you to feel in control. By putting some simple systems in place you can be as organised as you want to be.

Work – We spend much of our life at work and as such we need to know we are satisfied with the job we do. Life coaching can help you to consider this aspect of life and take control if you want to get more out of your career.