Building Girls Confidence

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We have a very exciting new workshop this year called ‘Making Rainbows’ to promote girl’s confidence. A name chosen to reflect the desire to influence girls to live fabulous, colourful lives!
The goal is to teach young girls to build confidence so that they have the tools to enable them to achieve anything they wish.


We developed this workshop with the  evidence by the Department for Education that girls start to fall behind in certain subjects at Key Stage 2 Skills through lack of self-confidence and becoming ‘invisible.’


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Our Mission

  • To inspire girls
  • To increase levels of confidence in girls
  • To influence girls by looking at inspirational women

The Outcomes 

  • To improve academic achievement in girls in year 6.
  • To build confidence in girls.
  • To help girls to have a better connection with one’s own self, identifying values and principles, managing ourselves with self help strategies, learning styles and how to apply wisdom.

All our workshops are designed to be thought provoking, inspiring and fun and endeavour to achieve the fundamental outcomes and make a real difference to people’s lives.


The delivery of this project is over 3 half day workshops to girls in Year 5 and 6.

Workshop One introduces the project and is based around fun activities to embrace the key parts of the mission.

Workshop Two is a continuation of the theme and includes a local inspirational woman key speaker, a role model who is socially and culturally relevant.

Workshop Three focuses on is the organisation an art based exhibition of inspirational women from the North East.

To discuss how this Workshop can benefit your school please call Jenny on 07762 932164.