Emotional Wellbeing for Education

Our philosophy is that all children deserve to be given the tools to enable them to achieve emotional wellbeing. Every individual is capable of growing their own internal resources which will bolster them against the ups and downs of life and help them to become strong and resilient individuals. We work with teachers and learners to embed the fundamental principles of emotional wellbeing throughout the education system.

The Rainbows End Approach to  Education

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Workshops – Empowering students to strengthen their own emotional wellbeing.

Training – Continual professional development for educators and leaders.


Resources – Powerful and engaging teaching tools and lesson plans

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We are very proud of the feedback from the children and delighted to have the privilege of supporting them. This is what they’ve said;


“I learned that it’s ok to have feelings but it’s just how you handle them.”

“How to let the negative voice be quiet and the positive voice talk.”

“When you are sad there is always a way to fix it.”